Our services

Highway transport

Road Transport represents wide-spread and most accessible way of transposition of goods.

Forwarder´s goal is to choose an effective route with respect to nature, volume and weight of shipment not only in the form of carload lot, but also in the form of partial shipment.

CMR convention covers the rules of international transport of goods. It applies to each transport contract using road vehicle between at least two states, least one of them being contractual partner of CMR convention.

ADR treaty applies for road transport of dangerous items and materials. We offer truck capacities except class I. and VII.

Special section represents insurance of forwarder´s responsibility. Our company disposes insurance over scope of CMR convention with additional insurance of contractual carrier.

AB Forwarding provides transport of goods inside and outside European Union. Is matter of course, that by transports outside EU we take care of customs services.

We also offer additional insurance of goods against all risks during transport via insurance brokers.


Oversea transport

It is possible to provide complete service for goods destined to anywhere overseas or from overseas. This service is linked with continental and maritime transport suitable for goods` nature.

We are able to secure transport: to and from overseas with various containers, of general shipment with collecting containers, of free carried goods using conventional ways in limited volume.

Bill of lading verifies the closing of transport contract. It is a security and its text and transfer of law is in accordance with an agreement between forwarder and shipper.

Maritime transport requires automatical customs services, vessel space chartering, current check of goods before and after loading, insurance of goods, packaging control, etc.

Is not recommended to split incoterms in maritime transport so accordingly only one forwarder is responsible for goods from start to finish..


Railway transport

Railway is an effective and ecological way of transporting goods. It is limited by conditions of railway network and factory railway transport, but cheaper for regular and mass-flow of goods.

Nowadays railway companies offer wide choice of leasable wagons, built exactly to various kinds of goods. Railway transportation of containers with accession of container to load/unload place by truck is suitable for continental destinations

COTIF treaty regulates conditions of railway transport on european and african continent (except Commonwealth of Independent States CIS) Accompanying treaty in international railway transport is CIM, in CIS it is SMGS.

Conditions of transport of dangerous goods are covered by RID annex, conditions of containers transport by RIC, etc.

We enable insurance of goods during transport against all risks. 


Air transport

If you need to transport goods fast and safe anywhere in the world, this is the right way how to do it.

We provide clients with the accession of their shipments to the closest airport available with optional direct flying connection for your destination. We take care of booking, airport operation, AWB issuing and insurance of the shipment during transport.

We cooperate exclusively with IATA agents for affordable price tariffs. Considering carriage tariff rates clients need to take into account changing fuel and security surcharges.

In the place of destination is possible to arrange via airport agent further transport of goods to consignee together with import dispatch of the shipment.

We provide insurance against all risks.